Tony Lockett Weight Loss Diet Breakdown (My Opinion)

tony lockett weight loss

Are you wondering how Tony Lockett could've lost the 27kg of weight in 9 months? His new weight loss transformation has been making people super curious, so here is my quick take on his weight loss diet and what he shares with us about it based on his channel 9 interview.

Tony Lockett is an Australian AFL superstar and is currently 51 years old, looking at the prime of his life thanks to his new weight loss transformation. To anyone thinking age can hold you back, think again!

I'm basing my opinion on what his weight loss diet could be, based on his channel 9 video interview.

He briefly starts off to say that he started at around 124-125kg when he got on the scales and he mentions that, that his weight was enough of an incentive to get something done.

In the span of around 9 months, Tony Lockett mentions that he is down to his current weight of 97-98kg and judging by his aesthetic, his paper dry skin and arm vascularity, I would say that his body fat would be 10% or lower, if I had to guess. Pretty remarkable considering he is 51 years old!

How did he do it? Well he explains that it involves 'no eating' and basically staying 'off the frothies (beers)'.

This is simply not much information to go with, but here is a little bit of a breakdown on what Tony Lockett possibly could've done with his diet to help him lose the weight...

Losing around 27kg of weight in 9 months, means around 3kg of weight loss per month, or around 0.75kg of weight loss per week! That's actually quite a healthy weight loss and definitely achievable, but it would've required a great deal of consistency and dedication.

Now by saying not eating much, that basically means a big reduction in calories, consistently eaten over the course of the 9 months. And of course stopping the drinking, which is a big one when it comes to weight loss, as most alcohol is loaded with carbs and sugar.

Just by cutting out alcohol, if you're a big drinker, can help you shred the first 5-10kg of that bloated beer belly weight.

By saying 'Not eating much', for his size and frame, standing at 1.91m, I would assume his daily calorie intake would be around the 1800-2200 calorie mark and that's just my opinion... because to be losing an average of 0.75kg of weight per week or 3kg per month for 9 months... a big reduction of calories has to be in place. And consistently dropping calories every month... to keep the weight loss steady.

To give you an example, I started my weight loss diet just last week and I've dropped 1.8kg of weight in 7 days...

I was eating 3000 calories on average per day when I was gaining weight/muscle, but after dropping my calories down to 2000 calories per day, the weight dropped super quick, plus my waist dropped by 1 inch in only 7 days...


In order to lose the weight, a simple reduction in calories and just really eating less food, more wholesome nutrition and reducing your alcohol intake.... can help you kickstart your weight loss results quite well.

Tony Lockett proves that even age can't stop your weight loss results as he is in an amazing shape at 51!

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