3 Easy Exercises To Reduce Your Belly Fat Fast Without Equipment

reduce belly fat

Are you looking to reduce your belly fat, but haven't got any gym equipment? Do you need some easy exercises to get you started? Here are my top 3 exercises that you can do, without any equipment needed, to help you reduce your stubborn belly fat.

Reducing your belly fat, might seem like one of those impossible things to do.... It's the last one to go, but the first one to get packed on... Annoying right?

We are not all blessed with amazing genetics and if you're like me, my belly fat is the first one to start increasing, whenever I try to increase my weight and gain muscle...

If you're a busy individual with only about 10-20 minutes to spare every day for exercising, then chances are these 3 easy exercises can help you a great deal to burn a great deal of calories in short bursts, increasing your metabolism and reducing your belly fat!

Now keep in mind that reducing your belly fat is 80% diet and only 20% training, so by focusing on eating a healthy diet, you can actually increase your results the most, rather than focusing on workouts.

Here are my 3 easy exercises you can do, to help you reduce your belly fat...


By far my most favorite form of cardio... By performing HIIT sprints in the park, or wherever there is space really, you can really increase your metabolism and burn lots of calories in only 10 minutes or so.

I personally managed to reduce my belly fat and gain my first six pack abs, by performing HIIT sprints in the park 8 years ago and I like to attribute a majority of my results from them.

Try to keep the sprinting times short, to only about 20 secs and resting short periods of around 20-30 secs between sets. To ensure that your intensity is super high. This super high intensity will help you to dramatically reduce your belly fat, providing your diet is adequate.


Burpees are great to throw in as a super set (one exercise straight to the next, without rest) combined with mountain climbers. They can be performed in the comfort of your home in only 10-15 minute bursts.

For the easy variation, you don't need to do the full push up... Just start off in a push up position, jump in to an upright position then jump up nice and high, hands up, reaching for the ceiling, back down into a push up position and repeating.

Starting off with a about 10 burpees is a good starting point and working your way up with a few added ones, every couple of days.


Mountain climbers are amazing... I prefer them over the burpees, because they are a little easier. But a great way to really up your intensity and reduce your belly fat. Now some people really hate both burpees and mountain climbers, because they are just 'too much cardio' for them...

Although you can reduce your belly fat, simply from doing weight training and eating a great diet...performing some sort of cardio is essential for your fitness levels and to maintain a healthy and functional physique.

With mountain climbers you can either start off in a push up position, or in a plank position on your elbows. Keeping your core nice and tight, back straight, then quickly bringing one knee towards your chest, back out to straight leg position, then alternating with your opposite leg in a stationary climbing motion.

Starting off at around 20 seconds of mountain climbers, as fast as you can, is generally a great starting point.


You can combine all 3 of these exercises in any order you like and rest around 1 minute between super sets to keep your heart rate high and performing them for around 10 minutes total.

In only 10 minutes you can get in a great workout and feel a surge of new energy, burn a good amount of calories and really increase your metabolism to reduce your belly fat.

Keep in mind that reducing your belly fat is 80% diet and 20% training. If you don't have a diet plan to follow, feel free to check out my natural weight loss diet plan here.