8 Key Features Of The Best Diet And Workout Program For Weight Loss

best diet and workout program for weight loss

Are you looking to find the best diet and workout program to help you lose weight? There are 8 key features that you need to have in your weight loss program to help you achieve your goals faster, stay on track and feel amazing!

You've probably tried the endless diets, supplements, fat burners, gym workouts, shakes and what not... to help you finally lose the kg of weight and inches of that stubborn belly fat... But nothing seems to work right?

You are not alone, because countless of other people are going through the same motions... They try something for a few weeks and quickly give up, because their busy lifestyle got in the way, or they didn't see the massive amounts of weight loss they had in mind...

Sadly the figures show that around 80% of new year resolutioners quit or just give up on their gym membership after the first 4 weeks... Why is that? A lack of motivation, unrealistically set goals, not enough knowledge and support...

Sometimes we never consider seeking help, in an area that we don't personally have a lot of expertise in... And I believe that this is a big reason why we tend to give up on our goals.

When I started my own fitness journey 9 years ago, I wasted the first 4-5 years, doing silly things such as training arms 3-4 times per week, skipping my leg days, eating canned baked beans and spaghetti (thinking they were healthy)... Thinking that performing 100 crunches daily would burn my belly fat... the list of funny things goes on and on.

Losing weight initially can be a massive challenge, without the right diet, workout program and correct support and accountability.

The reason why you're not able to see the weight loss results you had in mind until now are because:

1. You don't have a diet routine in place, with the correct calories & macros for your body.

2. You don't train with the correct workout routine and even doing too much cardio at the gym, which burns off your muscle and slows down your metabolism.

3. You're not consistent with your diet and workouts.

Now I believe the best diet and workout program, has to have a few key elements to help you succeed with your weight loss goals:

1. Easy to follow - Quick and easy meals that are budget friendly and relatively simple to cook, if you don't have much cooking experience or time for fancy meals.

2. Realistic for your busy lifestyle - Eg. perhaps only start with 2 workouts per week of 30 mins each and slowly progress and build up from that.

3. Updated weekly - Our bodies constantly adapt to the same routine and even to the same diet! It's important to change up your workouts and diet weekly and get a little more variety in your exercises and foods, to keep things interesting and keep you on track to your goals.

4. Has a user friendly fitness mobile app - As a busy individual, constantly on the go, it's great to have a mobile app to be able to track your workouts, communicate with your coach and to view your diet at any time. This can really help you to see better results on the go and to have access to your program and support from anywhere, at any time.

5. Makes you feel supported - Regular accountability and motivation to help you tackle those days that you feel down and give you that boost and inspiration to get back on track.

6. Be a part of a community - I personally use a whats app community with my clients, but a Facebook community would be a good option as well. We are naturally built to stay in packs and becoming a part of a community with like minded individuals, can help you to feel extra supported and motivated.

7. Has 24/7 support - For a weight loss program to work effectively, I believe that a good amount of communication is involved from both the coach to check with his clients and for the clients to provide adequate feedback to their coach, to maximize their results with new tips and sharing of experience. A fast response rate is quite valuable to have, because you want to have your questions answered promptly.

8. Has access to coaching calls - I believe that the best diet and training program has to have a more personal touch to it, for those who need it. Personal coaching calls, or consultations can really help you to dive deeper with new tips, strategies and answer any of your challenges and questions with valuable feedback, to help you see those amazing results.


Having the right diet and workout program, with the correct support can make a world of difference to help you lose the kg of weight and feel amazing. It can be a tough and slow process to go through by yourself, so I definitely recommend that you seek out help if you're struggling with your goals.