How To Lose Your Belly Fat By Tracking Your Macros And Calories

lose belly fat

Do you feel like losing your belly fat is a super slow and stubborn process? Chances are that you probably haven't consistently tracked and stuck to your macros and calories...

And the people who HAVE tracked their macros and calories before, haven't consistently done it over a long enough period of at least 2 weeks daily tracking, to be able to lose that stubborn belly fat.

Quickly explaining macros, they are simply your Protein, Carbs And Fat % that you eat on a daily basis and knowing the right numbers for your body can make a huge impact on your physique!

Personally over the last 12 weeks, I've had a little plateau, as I slacked off tracking my macros perfectly. And yes it is a time consuming task, it may be a little confusing at first, but the results you get within your body are truly remarkable.

Now tracking your Macros and Calories can be done quite simply using a free app such as MyFitnessPal and it's actually my prefered way of diet tracking...

MyFitnessPal will set your macro and calorie goals when you setup your account with them after you input your personal info - your height, current weight and goal weight.

Usually a great starting point for fat loss is 1800 calories and a macro breakdown of around 35% Protein, 35% Carbs And 30% Fats.

Then as you begin to lose the fat you can adjust your calories and macros accordingly, eg reducing some carbs, increasing your fats, decreasing your protein, etc.


Losing your belly fat can be quite a slow and stubborn process, especially for us guys as we tend to hold most of our fat around our belly area. And let's be frank, it's a big area of concern as our confidence with our bodies can quite simply be demolished if we look down at our bulging stomach which pops through our shirts..

Losing your belly fat all comes down to consistently tracking your macros and calories in MyFitnessPal and the results you can achieve are quite inspiring, seeing your belly fat burn and stomach getting flatter and more defined.

If you need more of my personal help to get you on track with your diet and to learn exactly how to track your diet to lose the inches of stubborn belly fat and feel amazing, feel free to Enquire For Coaching Here.

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