How To Stay On Track With Your Fat Loss Diet

Staying on track with your fat loss diet can be a big challenge.. Especially when you're a super busy person with your work and family life. Leaving you little time to to focus on your diet and tracking every little thing in your food diary.

In fact most people think they are too busy to properly track their diet - their macros and calories and find it frankly a little too confusing and time consuming.

Now I love talking and discussing diet and motivation, because I truly believe that's where 80% of your fitness results are!

I've recently been plateauing with my fat loss and when that happens, I always like to go back to my best weeks and evaluate what I did well then and use the same methods to kickstart my fat loss.

And the only way to do that, is to be consistently tracking your diet!

During the weeks that I'm quite obsessed with tracking perfectly my Macros - protein, carbs and fats... And especially hitting less than 80g of total carbs and a solid 30g of fiber or more.. I find are the weeks where I've seen the best fat loss results. All tracked within MyFitnessPal.

This also includes making sure that I space out my meals every 3 hours, in small portions that keep me slightly hungry between meals, but not hungry enough for those annoying cravings to hit..

Now you will find that you might get very hungry between meals when shooting for fat loss and really controlling your portion sizes... So drinking a solid 2.5L of water, a couple of coffees with skim milk and even adding some Dill gherkins into my diet, have really helped to keep me as full as possible and staying within my daily macros.


Sticking to your macros is truly magic when it comes to fat loss.. And if you're not currently tracking them.. I strongly advise that you do so, especially if you're looking to speed up your fat loss results at the gym!

If you need more help with your diet, feel free to learn more about my coaching and enquire by CLICKING HERE.

Let's start tracking your diet and achieve those gains!

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