How To Maintain Your Weight Loss When You're Busy And On The Go

maintaining weight loss on the go

Are you finding it tough to keep up with your weight loss, especially on those hectic days that leave you little time to meal prep and stick to your diet plan?

Does your work have you traveling, hopping from hotel to hotel... having you eating most of your meals outside?

After which you notice your weight going up and up...

It's only normal that we go out to watch a movie or catch up with our friends on a weekly basis.. we are social creatures after all..

Some of us might even travel, go on holidays or simply travel around for work.

But the big problem?

We get stuck, puzzled as to "What on earth can we eat outside, that is healthy?"

How can we still lose weight or even just MAINTAIN our weight?

There are a few general guidelines that I like to follow, when I'm busy on the go, or even on holidays... to help me handle my diet better, so that I don't come back weighing 5-10kg heavier... which is definitely not fun!

1. Keep eating healthy - Now a lot of people when they step foot outside of their house, to go out for a movie, to their friends house or even on holidays.. they let themselves go and give themselves 'mental permission' to eat anythingthey see fit.

This is a recipe for disaster, because a lot of the time, we underestimate the amount of damage a single day of bad eating can do to our bodies. Believe me, I've put on up to 3kg of weight in a single day... after eating half a tub of nutella, And it was definitely not worth it!

So no matter where you are, you should still be doing your best to maintain healthy eating habits to the best of your abilities.

2. Meal prep - Meal prepping is one of the most important factors to your weight loss success. I always try to bring with me a lunch box of already prepped, grilled chicken, steamed veggies (peas, corn, mushrooms, broccoli) some almonds and a protein bar or two. Aussie bodies or Quest Bars.

That combined with eating before I ever leave the house, as well as drinking a coffee (instant) always keeps me full and prevents me from getting any temptations to snack on foods I shouldn't be.

3. Look for healthy options - Now you won't always remember or have the time to meal prep. Which you should do your best to do! So in this case we have to look for a restaurant that makes healthy salads/grilled dishes etc. Basically healthy options that we can dig into, yet fit our calorie and macro (protein, carb, fats % goals)

If possible browse some local restaurants on your phone and check out their website's menu. A lot of the time they will have a bunch of healthy salads, grilled dishes, open bowls or even wholegrain tortilla wraps for you to choose.

When you actively look for healthy options, you will actually find that there are plenty out there!

I've recently discovered that here in Australia there's actually quite a few restaurant chains that make some nice salads, such as Nando's and Grilld... that meet my nutrition goals quite nicely.


Maintaining your weight loss when you're busy and on the go can be difficult. But definitely not impossible! It's all about actively thinking about your weight loss goals and reminding yourself to keep doing your best to stick to your diet.