Top 4 Diet Mistakes That Are Slowing Down Your Weight Loss In 2017

weight loss mistakes 2017

What are the top 4 diet mistakes that are slowing down your weight loss? Now there are a few diet mistakes that I've made in the past that have really slowed down my weight loss. Some of these things are still challenges here and there, but working on improving.

These diet mistakes are made quite often, by gym goers, preventing them to achieve optimal weight loss results.

And hey, don't worry... losing weight consistently won't be always a walk in the park. There will be a few slow weeks with little results, but by focusing on preventing the following mistakes with your diet, you will be just that little bit more prepared! 1. Not drinking enough water

Drinking a big glass of water before a meal can help with portion control and prevent you from overeating. Most people don't get their 2.5L of water per day.. underestimating its' importance towards weight loss. Drinking water on a regular basis, helps to keep you full and pulling your mind away from thinking about food constantly. 2. Using big plates to serve food

Now I find that when I use small bowls to serve my meals, I generally tend to eat less, helping to stick to my portion sizes better. If you use massive plates to serve your meals, chances are that you will be slightly more tempted to fill them with food, leading to larger than expected portions, which can eventually ruin your weight loss results. 3. Not sticking to your macros

Sticking to your daily macros plus adhering to your portion sizes = a big win for you. Some days you may skip tracking some meals straight away, coming back to it later.. after which you have already forgotten the amounts of food consumed.

4. Going overboard with cheat meals

This can be a massive challenge for some as we can't find the willpower to stop after having a small cheat meal. This means that your planned 800-1000 calorie meal turns into a monster 2000-3000 calories. Setting you back a week with your fat loss. Let's focus on preventing some of these weight loss diet mistakes and develop the willpower to adhere to our diets.

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