Is Water Intake Really That Important For Your Fat Loss?

water weight loss

Are you struggling to burn fat at the gym and feeling like you may not be drinking enough water? Curious to find out, if water intake has a significant impact on your fat loss?

I've dived into explaining the importance of drinking water on plenty of occasions, going into how it can help you feel fuller, reducing your food cravings and ultimately helping you stick to your goals a lot better...

But what really happens when you don't drink enough water through the day?

Let's say you've had a busy one, or just simply had a few too many coffees and just forgot to chug your daily water...

Due to this lack of water, now your kidneys stop functioning well and require assistance from your liver...

Our livers being responsible for using stored energy from fat and glucose for fuel (ultimately where the magic fat loss happens).

But the problem lies in the fact that, with our liver helping out our kidneys, because of this lack of water...

It now has to do 2 tasks at the same time and is unable to focus on its' primary objective - OUR FAT LOSS!

So when you look at the importance of water from this scientific angle, it totally makes sense why we absolutely need to be getting our required water intake for the day. Especially if we want to continuously burn fat throughout the week.

I've always struggled with my water intake, hence I need to constantly kick myself up the bum to keep up my water intake...

As I'm writing this, I've got a 600Ml bottle of water, which I plan on drinking at least 4 times per day, giving me a nice 2.4L of water intake.

I will be documenting my fat loss progress, with this increased and consistent water intake throughout the week. But after the last 2 days of increasing my water intake, I definitely feel like my fat loss has restarted and already looking leaner!

So if you're consuming less than 1.5L of water per day and feeling like your fat loss has slowed down... chances are that you may not be drinking enough water.

And upping your intake to a solid 2-2.5L of water will be quite optimal for fat loss.

Try to document any progress you make and check your weight every day, take photos and measurements of your waist perhaps, to really see if you body is changing favorably as a result of your increased water intake.


Drinking enough water may not be the single reason why your fat loss has slowed down, but it can definitely be a contributing factor!

Even just chugging an extra glass of water or two per day, with your meals or before hand. Can help you to get fuller and ultimately eat less and feel more satisfied!

Which over the course of the week will have you eating less calories, having your metabolism working well and eventually getting you looking and feeling amazing!

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