Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet (My Honest Opinion)

Are you curious to find out how Rebel Wilson lost the 35 pounds and 4 dress sizes? Allow me to share with you my honest opinion of how she lost the weight.

Now with Rebel Wilson's story of the shy Aussie girl, making it big time in Hollywood making movies and now even her weight loss journey sparking some interest..

This prompted me to research to find out how she lost the weight and add my own interpretation on the research and what is presented.

There are multiple sites stating that she has used a specific routine and diet pills, but they seem completely fake, so do NOT fall for that!

Rebel Wilsons' regular starting weight appears to be around the 106kg mark, after which she dropped to around the 96kg mark..

There are some sites suggesting that in 2017 she is now around the 90-92kg mark, which is quite an amazing weight loss transformation of around 13-14kg.. and even dropping 4 dress sizes.

Basically Rebel admits that although she doesn't drink or smoke... she does like to enjoy her food. It's the one thing she enjoys. I mean who can blame her we all do!

From what we know she lost 8 pounds from a 4 day hiking marathon in mid 2016. Thanks to 'The Wranch' a fitness retreat in Malibu. She says "It was so challenging but so rewarding!"

This was an all day intensive of hiking for up to 6 hours straight. Which would've burned a tremendous amount of calories to contribute to her weight loss.

Rebel Wilson even showcases photos of a simple plain pancake for breakfast on her Instagram account, just showing that, she is not necessarily changing to a 100% strict diet...

But rather, reducing her food portions and keeping her diet simple.

I believe simple changes to your diet and lifestyle like Rebel Wilson is implementing, can trigger some amazing weight loss results.

Rebel Wilson stands at only 1.59m tall, which would make her ideal weight around the 60kg mark.

When you consider her starting weight at 106kg, we can see that she was 46kg of weight over her ideal weight for her height.

The science of weight loss is quite simple... Eating less calories than your body requires = weight loss.

And when you are 46kg over your ideal weight, just a few simple changes to your eating and lifestyle, can bring in tremendous amounts of weight loss!

Just like Rebel Wilson is doing... Extra workouts, going on hiking challenges, eating a more simpler diet... Just a plain pancake, no necessary cream/butter/toppings and sweets...

This increase of aerobic activity and reduction of calories will drop consistent weight when performed on a regular basis. And basically making this a healthy lifestyle change - that is the true key to a sustainable weight loss.


Rebel Wilson showcases that with just a few healthy lifestyle and diet changes you can lose weight and drop dress sizes... without overly depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

Because if a diet has you starving, chances are you won't stick to it very long!

She does appear to have her mindset in the right place as well as she says "You can't be too unhealthy, because that's just bad."

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