4 Easy Tips To Lose Weight Faster In 2018 Without Giving Up

Are you looking to lose the holiday weight and get in shape in 2018 without giving up on your diet and workouts? Looking to implement a great healthy routine that's feasible and realistic into your lifestyle to help you achieve the fitness goals that you've been struggling to hit?

With the kids going back to school here in Australia and the overly long Xmas, New Year and now Australia day holidays... it's just so difficult to find any traction with our fitness goals...

But thankfully now everything is all over and we're finally given a little room to start focusing on our goals...

But the problem now lies in.. Where and how do we start?

With so many different diets to try - Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting...

Workouts to try - HIIT workouts, Bodybuilding split workouts, Upper/Lower Body style workouts...

When we're given so many choices, at times we tend to choose the easiest option which is to choose nothing.

But what happens is, the weight keeps piling on, the inches of stubborn belly fat start packing on.. and..

You start feeling unfit, your sexual drive goes down, you feel tired and lethargic during your working day... all the negatives that come with a lack of exercise and a proper diet regime..

So how can you make a change and lose the kg of weight?

1. Set Yourself A SMART weight loss goal - It is crucial to set yourself a goal that you can realistically hit:

Specific - Eg Lose 6kg in 12 weeks

Measurable - Is 6kg measurable? Yup!

Attainable - Is 6kg in 12 weeks attainable? Absolutely!

Realistic - Is 6kg in 12 weeks realistic? Yea!

Time Bound - Is 12 weeks time bound! Yes!

Without setting a SMART goal for yourself, you actually don't have a fitness goal.... you only have a wish. And wishes unfortunately don't always come true, Especially in the tough fitness space, where excuses and procrastination are the norms.

2. Start Making Healthy Changes Today - Whether it is just eating a healthy wholesome breakfast of - eggs, spinach and a tortilla wrap or an oats and berries bowl.. And whether you just squeeze in a body-weight workout at home of just 15 minutes of 4-5 sets of basic push ups, squats, ab crunches and mountain climbers and burpees.

These small healthy changes you start implementing today will give you the initial motivation and momentum you need to start getting back into great habits. You will be surprised how amazing you will feel after you complete the most basic at home workout of just 15 minutes :)

3. Clean Your Cupboard Now - You may still have a heap of unhealthy foods and alcohol (from all the presents) still left over from the holidays. I would personally go through my cupboard and throw all the unneeded snacks, chips, lollies and drinks - which will only hold you back from your goals.

As they say "Out of sight, out of mind" This strategy has helped me tremendously to rid myself of all the holiday body fat.

Just go to your local shopping center and stock up on a weekly shopping filled with super nutritious foods that will help you treat your body like a temple -

lean meats (chicken, fish, beef) wholegrain carbs (oats, wholegrain wraps/bread, sweet potato) healthy fats (olive oil, almonds, eggs) etc.

Specific weight loss friendly foods I recommend:

1. Chobani greek yogurt - great high protein yogurt to try - makes a great dessert with some blueberries, organic stevia (for sweetness) and a touch of cocoa powder.

2. Gold standard whey protein - quality protein powder to help faster recovery after workouts (build more muscle, increase metabolism and lose more weight)

3. Mission wholegrain wraps - Some of the best wraps I've had - great bread replacement (bread I find hard to lose weight/belly fat with) You can use them as a wrap to take to work, making meal prep as easy as 1,2,3.

4. Get Extra Support - 82% of the new year resolutioners without a coach or a trainer will sadly quit the gym after only 6 weeks. It is always tough to get started without any help to guide you in the right direction...

Whether it is a local personal trainer (for the extra motivation) or if you already love going to the gym.. an online coach may be able to help you as well. The benefits of this is you can get the additional support, accountability and motivation from a professional to drive you step by step to your goals.

This will ensure you stick to your plan, even when you feel like giving up. And to cut your learning curve and save you wasted time from making the common weight loss mistakes that most people make at the gym and in the kitchen.


To achieve your fitness goals in 2018, you need to have a careful plan of action and you must act quickly. You have to start making changes today if you're serious about achieving your goals without giving up and wasting more of your valuable time.

No matter how hard it is right now, believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to! Because everything is possible! I've personally had clients that have lost 41kg of weight in 26 weeks, 10kg in 11 weeks, 14kg in 12 weeks and many more... so it's all possible when you set your mind to it!

Do you need more of my help with your weight loss goals?

Click here to learn more about my online fitness coaching and how I can help you reach your weight loss goals faster!

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