3 Easy Diet Hacks For Ultimate Belly Fat Loss Results

Want to learn how to lose the inches of stubborn belly fat, without feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of useless info and general fluff? Here are these 3 easy, yet specific diet hacks to kick-start your flat and lean stomach today!

As a personal trainer and an online coach... most of my clients seek out my help, because they want to learn how to specifically lose the stubborn belly fat. And let's face it, it's the hardest and most annoying one to get rid of!

I've used these tips to not only help me transform my physique naturally, but also helping my online coaching clients achieve results such as losing 7 inches of belly fat in 12 weeks, 8 inches in 6 months, 6 inches in 11 weeks and many more...

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Drop Your Carbs Under 100g

For most people dropping their carbs under the 100g and avoiding foods such as Bread, Rice, Pasta And Sweets... And focusing on more clean vegetables to get you fuller. This Can do wonders to accelerate your fat burning and help your body to drop some of the initial bloat in your stomach (from the excess of carbs)

Lower carb amounts in your day, will help your body to start tapping into fats a lot quicker, with the reduced glycogen and controlled blood sugar levels.

Less blood sugar spikes (from high GI carbs) in your day = better fat loss.


Focus On Adding More Fibre (30-35g)

By adding more fibre in your diet, through things such as Chia Seeds (around 5g of fibre per seving) And Raspberries (around 6.5g of fibre in 100g)... you will find that your blood sugar will be a lot more stable through the day, you will feel much more satisfied in your meals (without getting those mid day/late night sugar cravings) and in turn start dropping the mid section fat.


Focus On Adding More Protein (2X Your bodyweight in KG)

As a general rule of thumb, increasing your protein intake to around 1.8-2X your body in kg, as a general gym goer, can help tremendously to accelerate your metabolism. Through the thermogenic effect of protein. Where around 25-35% of calories from protein are used up to digest and absorb protein by the body. This helps to burn more calories and drop belly fat. Not only that but increases in protein will promote muscle recovery, satiety with your meals, which all adds up in your belly fat loss focused effort.


If you loved these tips and want to learn more, check out how I've helped my busy clients lose up to 8 inches of belly fat with my online coaching program...

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