Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

Have you put on a bunch of extra fat this winter that you want to strip off? Struggling to find the motivation for your gym training during the colder winter months?

I've always believed that summer bodies are made in the winter...

It takes a significant amount of time to strip off the stubborn winter fat.

In some cases 3, 4 and even 6 months of hard work and discipline.

As an example with my client Rob, we coached him for 3 months to go from 20% body fat down to a lean 15% body fat.

At 15% body fat you can clearly see some reasonable six pack definition. And it looks hella good too :)

See most people start training for their summer body in summer when it's already too late...

And that seems quite unrealistic and outright funny to me.

The general population want a six pack in 6 weeks, before they throw in the towel.

It's very important to set CLEAR GOALS and REALISTIC EXCEPTIONS.

Once you have a clear road-map to success, you can clearly see how you can achieve your summer body in the winter and actually feel amazing NOT having to rush and stress over not being in shape.

Consistent and steady progress over the winter will GUARANTEE that you're well on your way to that lean summer body.

How do you achieve this?

-Get a personalized nutrition plan (with the correct Macros & Calories for your body and goals)

-Get a tailored workout plan (with the right strength training and fat loss cardio)

-Get accountability and support (with weekly check ins, laser focused feedback and progression)


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