3 Simple Steps To A Leaner Body

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You see a lot of people tend to over-complicate the process of body transformation, which creates confusion and overwhelm... Should I try the Keto Diet or the Paleo Diet? Should I get a personal trainer, online coach or just try it on my own?? Which gym do I join, there's so many??? What supplements should I take to burn fat quick??? Losing weight and transforming your body can be a simple process, if you have the right strategy in place. Here is my simple 3 step formula to getting the body of your dreams... #1: CREATE A SMART GOAL It's very important to create a very specific goal with a set deadline, otherwise it will remain a dream. As an example, I want to go from 70kg down to 65kg and 28.5 inch waist down to 26.5 inch in the next 8 weeks. This means 5kg of body fat, and 2 inches off my waist that I need to lose in the next 8 weeks. Now if I break this down, it becomes only 620grams per week that I need to lose. For waist - I need to lose 0.25 inch off my waist consistently per week over 8 weeks. When you break down your goals, in such a specific manner... It gives you a lot of CLARITY and MOTIVATION, because your goals seem more attainable and realistic :) #2: DEVELOP AN ACTION PLAN The first thing I'd look at is looking at your current lifestyle and nutriton and making some small adjustments to it. This means... -Drinking more water consistently - at least 3L daily. -Sleeping well each night - a minimum of 7 hours sleep. -Adjust your schedule to include more healthy habits - and put them down into your diary. -Fix up your nutrition - eat at least 1500 calories daily of healthy foods. -Log all your nutrition daily into MyFitnessPal (free diet app) and see your macro breakdowns. This alone will give you 80% of your results :) #3: GET ACCOUNTABILITY AND EXPERT GUIDANCE Now this step is the most important. You see a lot of people start their fitness journey, but they're not really sure how to adjust their nutrition, workouts and lifestyle. When they try it on their own, they quickly realise that losing weight is too hard, so they stop, quit and give up. Or they get a personal trainer (who doesn't teach them enough about their nutrition) and waste time getting no results. One of my clients Shalini, had a trainer for 2 years in the UK and instead of losing weight, which was her main goal... She ended up gaining 10kg of body fat in 2 years and she was paying $200 per week for her training... Her trainer would keep telling her to "eat healthier", but wouldn't teach her HOW TO EAT HEALTHIER... He wouldn't teach her HOW TO LOG HER FOODS properly. He wouldn't teach her strategies on how to eat healthy, when she's eating outside with friends/co-workers. He gave her no clear strategy on what food choices to make... How to meet her daily calories and macros (protein, carbs and fats) You see that's the state of most personal trainers at the moment. They just don't educate their clients properly on nutrition or lifestyle... They just focus on the training (which is only 20% of the results) They only teach their clients for the 3 hours per week they train them at the gym... What about the other 165 hours of the week, when they're not at the gym??? (98% of your week) After Shalini joined my coaching (which she was initially skeptical about), she actually lost 6kg in 12 weeks in a sustainable way. "Tez, I've never had anyone to educate me as much as you did with nutrition, this is the most weight I've lost in years" You see that's the power of having ACCOUNTABILITY and the right nutritional guidance. WHAT'S NEXT? If you need the help with your fitness goals and need a specific nutritional strategy for your busy life... Book a FREE Fitness Consultation with me here.

To your health,

Tez Krastev, Fitez Natural

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