How I Transformed My Body, Even With A Slow Metabolism

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I felt like with all the hard work I was putting in with my training, I should at least see some fat loss... But sadly my body still looked the same and my motivation was dropping by the day... No matter how many crunches I did (100 daily)... And how ‘healthy’ I ate, I wasn’t able to lose that stubborn lower belly bulge (I hated it)... I felt like my metabolism was working against me... I thought my genetics were limited. I was left unhappy, stressed and frustrated at my lack of results... I believed there HAD to be a way to transform my body... I had to be missing something. So instead of giving up, I went online and started researching... I stayed up nights on end, I eagerly studied into nutrition, best workouts for fat loss... And turned out that nutrition was 80% of your results and training abs directly had little impact on fat loss... Turns out that HIIT training was the way to go, to boost your metabolism. So I started making healthier and smarter food choices... I started developing sustainable lifestyle strategies - weekly cheat meals and training around social occasions... I reduced bread, rice and pasta and replaced with healthy carbs, while adjusting my macros. Once a week I would catch up with friends and enjoy a cheat meal. I started incorporating sprints at the local park and doing some higher intensity weight training in my bedroom 3 days per week... I felt this routine was easy to stick to and really enjoyable for my lifestyle. My body started becoming leaner and my stomach become more defined by the week... I started seeing new muscle definition I’ve never seen in my life... I was shocked. I was actually looking forward to seeing my results in the mirror every morning, feeling so excited! I started training even harder, as the results motivated me to keep going... And low and behold I finally achieved my first six pack abs! It was a dream come true. The amazing feeling of accomplishment... The confidence in how I felt and looked... The compliments rolling in daily... This is what inspired me to become a coach to help others achieve the same! Hi, I'm Tez Krastev. I'm a Sydney based certified PT, online fitness coach and a lifetime natural bodybuilder. My areas of expertise are in weight loss, muscle building and nutrition.

I'm helping busy office workers (age 30-50) to lose unwanted body fat & build lean muscle naturally with my very successful online coaching program.

I've helped 100+ busy clients to achieve 41kg of fat loss in 26 weeks, 14kg in 12 weeks, 10kg in 11 weeks and many more :)

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Tez Krastev

Body Transformation Specialist

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