How Imran Lost 12% Body Fat, Built His Abs And Got Into The Best Shape Of His Life In 12 Weeks

body transformation

And Tez, Thank you for helping me, this come true. 🏼

There’s a lot you have taught me from where I started and there’s a lot more to go.

This 12 weeks made me more:

Disciplined - starting from my diet, dropping weights back into the gym, getting to bed as early as possible to get a sound sleep (not completely, still managing)

Time boxing - spending quality time in gym, between sets and in my personal activities ( I always suck and am still learning)

Mind - I use to think mind has nothing to do with lifting weights,(thought it was yoga) but there’s a mind to muscle connection (am still learning though)

Out of all,

Patience - the most important one of all.

There always will be a week where (we think) we had no progress, but you might not be able to the see the progress you made on the mirror or a measuring tape.

And Thank you Tez for motivating me on those weeks where I had thought I made no progress, thank you for guiding,helping and walking me through this journey.

And the journey continues.! (_Never change something that’s working - Tez_)

Can’t wait to share with you all the next 12-weeks progress with Tez!

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