How To Stay Healthy & Fit During The Corona Virus Epidemic

With the Corona Virus outbreak causing a huge amount of worry and stress with people's health, I've decided to shed some tips on how to get healthy in spite of this time.

Training and eating healthy has never been as important as of today.

After the prime minster has just announced a closure of non-essential businesses and forcing people into self isolation... this definitely makes it easy to stay at home and binge on your favorite foods.

Uber Eats will make plenty of money here, we know that.

As if people needed an excuse not to go to the gym and binge on food, now it's almost guaranteed.

And if you're anything like me (struggling with a slow metabolism) you know how it easy it can be to gain weight, especially when you go on a bender, then step on the scale on Monday and you put on 2kg over the weekend.

Am I right?

Now imagine 2 weeks of this and how easy it can be put on 5kg+ of fat and losing your confidence...

Now if you stop training all together, not only do you start putting on fat at an alarmingly fast rate (especially around the belly area for us men)...

But your metabolism starts to slow down, you bloating goes up, your immune system function lowers and you start opening yourself up for diseases - including the dreaded Corona virus.

We need to keep training and eat healthy to PREVENT this!

Remember that prevention is ALWAYS far better than cure.

But how do we get healthy during this time Tez??


80% of your fat loss starts with your NUTRITION!

This is the biggest way that I've been able to help my busy office worker clients to lose fat and get healthy online, by designing a specific nutrition plan that goes well with their lifestyle and helps them make better food choices and sustainable habits.

Remember that this should be a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and not another fad diet - which are too easy to come by these days.

*Cough* Intermittent Fasting, *Cough* Keto Dieting...

Supplements like whey protein can help here, to add some additional protein into your diet and satisfy your hunger.

Secondly, you should devise a home-workout plan with the equipment you have at home. This could be a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells or even bodyweight.

Simple stuff that you can do with your ability / equipment that gets your heart rate pumping and body sweating. Eg push ups, squats, abs crunches can work well here.

Remember that you CAN still lose weight and body fat, if you truly put your mind to it.

Having the right mindset is everything to you transforming your body. Which is why having professional accountability and support from a coach can be game changer in your results.

Thirdly, you've gotta take action and realise that the cost of wellness is always far cheaper than the cost of illness.

You've gotta take action and why not start TODAY?

Imagine where you could be in the next 12 weeks, if you truly committed to a game plan and got a proven strategy to transform your body and health!

Take control of your health.

Start drinking 3L of water daily.

Start eating a specific nutrition plan.

Start taking your daily supplements and multi-vitamins.