(For Office Workers) How To Get Healthy During COVID-19

Creating a healthy lifestyle change is and should always be the focus with any successful program. And now with all of us stuck at home watching TV, working at our desks all day and being quite inactive... It’s even more important to maintain good habits than ever! Why? Because being inactive - reduces your TDEE - total daily energy expenditure. Now when you’re at work and walking the whole day - you’re burning roughly 600 calories or more per day by just being active! That’s over 4000 calories per week. Now imagine when you’re sitting down the whole day and losing this huge benefit what will happen... The kilos will pile up quickly, the belly fat will start blowing up and you’ll start feeling lazy, sloppy and unhappy at your appearance. So what do we need to do?? Workout daily, get 20mins or walking daily outdoors and take care of our NUTRITION! Look I get it, it’s not easy... But everything good in your life right now you had to work for it right? Well the same applies to your health and body as well. If you want things to change - YOU have to change. Your LIFESTYLE has to change. Your DISCIPLINE has to change. These are just the foundational pillars. Weight loss is just a byproduct of good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Focus on getting into a good routine and great habits this week and watch the results explode!


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