For Busy Professional Men (Age 30-50):

"How To Lose 6-12Kg, Burn Your Belly Fat & Gain Lean Muscle In The Next 12 Weeks - Guaranteed"

Dear Friend,

If you're sick & tired of feeling fat and unhealthy and want to transform your body, and feel more confident in the next 12 weeks, then you're in the right place!

Hi, My Name is Tez Krastev. I'm a Sydney based, certified PT, online fitness coach & body transformation specialist.

I specifically help busy professional men (age 30-50), just like yourself, who want to lose unwanted fat & gain lean muscle, so they can have more energy and feel more confident.

I've helped 100's of busy men to achieve results such as 41kg of weight loss in 26 weeks, 14kg in 12 weeks, 10kg in 11 weeks and many, many more!

Many of my clients have reached out for my help after trying everything to lose weight & belly fat, without seeing much success.

They were exercising quite hard and trying to eat healthy, but just weren't seeing the results they really wanted and started to lose their self confidence and motivation.

Can you relate?

And that's why I created my "12-Week Online Body Transformation Challenge"

My goal was to help my new clients to lose a lot fat, inches and kilos in a short amount of time, so they could feel confident and motivated again.

Imagine If In The Next 12 Weeks You Could:

-Drop 6-12Kg and Get Healthy & Fit
-Burn Your Belly Fat & Love Handles
-Tone & Tighten Your Chest, Arms & Legs
-Get Six Pack Abs and Look Good
-Become More Energetic & Feel Great
-Transform Your Self Confidence

I'm only looking for 5 more busy professional men (age 30-50) for this program this month, to ensure the best support & results for my clients.

So if you're serious about transforming your health & fitness and you want to look & feel the best you have in a long time, then this is the program for you!


"Before coaching with Tez, I was extremely overweight and didn't feel good about myself in any way, shape or form. With Tez's guidance he has transformed me from 93kg to 79.5kg in 12 weeks and I feel like a new man now.

Every day I go to work, I get half a dozen compliments from fellow colleagues and people I know, which is a testament to Tez's guidance and keeping me accountable. This is my story in a nutshell, to be continued upwards and onwards.”
-Sandro Carzo
"When I started I was overweight, borderline obese. All around my upper body mostly. I wasn't feeling healthy. I had blood pressure and background in high cholesterol. And I realised I had to lose weight and go on the healthy side.

I thought it was going to be a long way and a hard way to do it, but with the help of Tez I managed really well I think. He helped me with the right nutrition and training for my body, which helped me lose 14kg of weight, reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure and live a healthier life.

All I can say is Tez a great professional and has helped and taught me a lot. I've already recommended my friends to his coaching. Thank you.”
-Antonis Anastiadis
"I was around 82kg, I tried to do it myself and failed and started to search on Google and find a solution as to what I was doing wrong. An ad popped up on Gumtree. What hit me it was specifically designed for old people like me. Because I had a bad experience with joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer. He was a young fella - in 6 months I couldn't feel my legs, couldn't feel my arms.

So when I found this program, I thought I'd give it a go... Maybe this guy knows what he's doing. As he specifically designed his course for older people like me. I was very highly motivated because I knew I was overweight. The sugar levels were high, so I had to drop my weight to drop the sugar levels as well.

I've now lost 13.5kg - I was 82kg and now I'm 68.5kg. Wasn't easy but we are here and the results were good and satisfied. The mood is better, confidence is boosted, I go to the lifts now and look at myself and stomach is flat and looking good. Arms gotten a little bigger and confidence is growing. 

Feeling more energy and that I can achieve more in life. Boosted in every area and better attitude in everything.

You have to give this program a go. Unless you give it a go, you'll never know."
-Anton Starodubtsev
"I was struggling to keep the weight off for the last 5 years. I've tried different programs, diets and cardio, but struggling to lose the weight. Especially the belly fat. My waistline was at 37.

After going through this program, even in the first 2 weeks, I was so happy to see the tremendous results. More than I expected. Before I was trying not to eat, sticking to what other programs were saying. But in the 2 weeks with this program, having to eat all this food I was surprised really. It was helping me to lose weight. I was never hungry.

All my friends were asking me what I was doing.. and I'd tell them I'm doing this program with Tez - he's giving me the proper exercises, diet and cardio. It's not Keto... I'm eating a lot of food.

Before I was ashamed to take my shirt off. But now I have the ability to do so somehow. Feeling lighter than before and can lift more weight and feeling more confident in myself.

My whole family is inspired now by seeing my progress, my wife and daughter too. Thanks to this program I'm finally seeing a glimpse of my future self. I'm happy with the results that this program has given me"
-Paolo Gubat
"I had low vitamin D levels and high cholesterol and there was a lot of fat on my belly. I was losing energy every day and getting irritated by small things at home. After having kids I decided I really needed to make time for me, to get myself healthy and back into a routine. I've been seeing Tez's posts on Facebook and really liked his motivating approach. So I reached out and quickly joined the program within 1 day.

I really liked how interesting the diet was. I've worked out before, but I never had a proper diet. I was working out, eating out at Lebanese restaurants... and I was getting nowhere.

I've now lost 7.2kgs of weight, it's incredible.. I've never lost this much weight in such a short time. I started 36 on the stomach and now I'm 31 inches. All my pants and shorts are now loose and have to buy new clothes soon. Getting compliments from people about how my face is looking leaner and how I've lost so much weight. It's amazing!
-Hasan Shah
"20 weeks ago, I was 28kg's heavier. Everything was harder, even tying your shoes. I was drinking a lot of alcohol, eating a lot of bad food and not worried about my nutrition or exercising at all.

Before this program I used to buy TV dinners and lots of takeaway, I stopped cooking. As a result of this program I love cooking my meals again. I've been through other programs before... but I've never eaten this well before. All I have to do is follow the 7 day meal plan that you give me and I'm full as. 

I've dropped 28kg's and my energy levels are incredible. I don't feel 49 anymore, I probably feel 40. I feel fantastically fit. I walk down the road and girls say hello to you. People at the gym are asking what I'm doing. It feels awesome to see myself change into someone I used to be.
-Chris Williams
"I felt uncomfortable in what I was wearing and looked in the mirror. I had sore knees and ankles and lower back problems and the heavier weight didn't help that.

The results were massive. I started at 99kg's and now I'm 90kg and still going. The workouts are awesome and the food is great too. NO STARVING INVOLVED at all. I feel much more comfortable and happier and lighter. Especially on my joints.

I would recommend this program to anyone. It's suitable for all ages and sizes. Tez can do amazing things for anyone and very inspirational. Love the feedback and honesty.

Overall a 10/10 experience for me.”
-Danny Patrizi
"Some people buy a Porsche when they turn 40, instead I decided to invest in my health. Since then I've had to replace 5 sets of jeans. My waist went from 42 size to 34 size plus I've increased my muscle mass considerably.

I love the fact that, since training with Tez, I now sleep better, have more energy at work, quit smoking and eat considerably better. What is also important is that I'm setting a great example to my daughter. Highly Recommended.”
-Kiryakos Poullos
during this program you will get:
A Personalized, Structured Routine & The Accountability You Need To Help You Lose 6-12Kg, Burn Your Belly Fat & Gain Lean Muscle In Just 12 Weeks - Guaranteed!
Get The Correct Training Plan For Your Goals - With My Unique Exercise Techniques To Help You Gain Lean Muscle, Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn Fat For Up To 48 Hours, Even While You're At The Office!
Get The Right Nutrition Strategy For Your Body - With The Correct Foods, Times To Eat, Amounts (Calories & Macros) To Make It Easy & Simple For You To Start Losing Fat Quickly and Feel More Energetic!
Learn The Correct Supplements To Take - That Burn Up To 30% More Body Fat & Help You Gain Lean Muscle Quickly, So You Start Looking Your Best and Feeling More Confident Within Yourself!
Get Accountability (Key To Success) - With My Regular Check-Ins, Support & Guidance To Keep You Consistent and On Track To Your Goals Week By Week, So You Finally Achieve Your Perfect Physique!
Join My WhatsApp Client Motivation Community - With Daily Educational Msgs & Tips To Keep You Inspired and Super Motivated On Your Fitness Journey, To Become The Best Version Of Yourself!
Develop a Healthy Lifestyle Change - You'll Learn How To Lose All The Body Fat You Want & Keep It Off Forever, With an Easy, Flexible & Sustainable Plan That You Can Stick To For Life!
Get At Least 6Kg Of Fat Loss AND 10cm Off Your Waist In Just 12 Weeks - GUARANTEED!


  • Busy Professional Men (Age 30-50) Looking To Improve Body Composition By Decreasing Overall Body Fat And Increasing Lean Muscle Mass, Improve Overall Fitness Or Simply Lead A Healthier Lifestyle.
  • Self Motivated Men Who Want To Exercise From Home Or The Gyms When They're Open Again
  • ​​Busy Men Who Need More Structure, Guidance & Accountability
  • ​Men Who Need More Help With Their Nutrition
  • ​Men Who Are Looking To Improve Health, Increase Energy And Become A More Confident, And Happier Version Of Themselves.


Watch How I Helped Aaron Lose 11Kg Of Fat In 7 Weeks and Feel More Energetic, Even As a 46 Year Old Business Owner With a Slow Metabolism:

Watch How I Helped Richard Drop 19Kg And 5 Inches Of Belly Fat In 20 Weeks, Fit Into His Clothes And Have More Confidence, While Enjoying His Food:

Watch How I Helped Chris Lose a Massive 28Kg's Of Body Fat And Gain More Energy In 20 Weeks, Even At The Age Of 49, While Working 70+ Hour Weeks:

Watch How I Helped Aaron Lose 14Kg Of Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle In Just 20 Weeks and Feel Confident To Take His Shirt Off At The Beach:

Watch How I Helped Anton Lose 13.5Kg Of Weight and 5.5 Inches Of Belly Fat In 20 Weeks, Even With Just A Pair Of Dumbbells Exercising From Home:

Watch How I Helped Hasan Drop a Solid 7.2Kg's Of Body Fat And 5 Inches Of Belly Fat In Just 12 Weeks, And Reducing His High Cholesterol Levels:

Watch How I Helped Kenta Lose 8Kg Of Body Fat And Achieve His First Six Pack Abs In Just 12 Weeks, Even As a Busy Executive:

Watch How I Helped Paolo Lose 8.8Kg And 5 Inches Of Belly Fat In Just 12 Weeks, Without Starving Himself Or Doing Crazy Cardio:


"Hard to believe I was training quite hard before working with Tez, but just not getting results. After deciding to learn more and seek help I found Tez's ad on Gumtree.
From the first chat he was super supportive and flexible regarding diet and training. His approach to improving body composition is so simple and really leaves no excuses if you're committed to change.”
-Kevin M.
"I initially needed someone to help guide me and hold me accountable. I wanted support and also needed professional guidance during the process.

Tez was extremely supportive during the process. I saw great results and his guidance made a huge difference.

His knowledge and guidance is top notch. His expertise and passion shine through when he is discussing and elaborating on his plans. Thanks a lot mate. You really helped me a lot!”
-Chris Lang
"Understanding the basics of macro split and core nutrition values with proper guidance from Tez Krastev completely changed my fitness dynamics.

A lession learned: "All progress takes place outside of your comfort zone". So, "Discipline" and "Dedication" are the 2D's that helps you to achieve any goal in your life.

Thanks for your inspiration.”

-Anjan Pattanaik
"I just wanna say how amazing my journey was under Tez supervision... he's a great trainer..all I would say if you guys follow as he will never regret it.

And thanks a lot Tez ...for helping me with my weight loss, I couldn't have done it without you mate!”
-Bobby Singh
"When I met Tez I had more questions than answers when it came to my health journey. I had already achieved some good results on my own, but the challenges I faced were two fold.

1) The last section of body fat would not move, no matter what I did.

2) Everyone was telling me I should be “feeling better” and “jumping out my skin”

The truth was the absolute opposite. I was exhausted, falling asleep at my desk. I knew I needed help but I didn’t know what to do. If I didn’t do something I was scared of giving up.

There is only so much “research” you can do on the internet, I wanted an edge. You can research any field, but the truth is you need a professional, someone who knows all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. For me Tez is that guy.

If you are prepared to commit 100% to the plan to achieve your goal, with Tez’s help you will. Be true to yourself and him, and the sky is the limit.

About halfway in I am getting amazing results visually, totally awesome compliments and guess what? I am re-motivated and totally “jumping out of my skin”

If you are on the fence. The time is now, make the change for you. You will be glad you did.”
-Aaron Scagliotta
"I was exercising a lot 1 and a half hours a day, but not taking care of my nutrition. Just working out really hard and I wasn't really getting anywhere where I wanted to.

What Tez helped with is with the nutrition side, which is roughly 80% of the results I've been able to get. That's been a game-changer for me. The nutrition and consistent support to keep going. What is also important is the flexibility provided with the foods, which helped me really stick to it.

I've lost 8kg which is fantastic. It's made me feel lighter, happier and easier going and more confident in myself. Even getting compliments at the pools about how 'trim' I'm looking which is great feedback.

This is the best physique I've had in my life being 47. For me it was for my boys. I wanted to be healthy and be a role model for my boys.

If you're thinking about getting a body transformation, you've gotta do it with Tez!”
-Kenta Kamiya
"I recently moved to Australia. After setting down for a while, I was looking for a coach before even looking for a gym, that's how I came across Tez's ad on Gumtree, saw his Instagram, quickly got in touch with him the same day to enquire.

He was amazing, supportive, motivating (I have had other trainers in the past. Tez was different from all the others I have met.) I couldn't wait to see my transformation.

Fast forward to week 12 now, I have lost 12% body fat. Starting from 19.5% down to 7.5%. I could see my abs and built some definition around my muscles.

If you're a person who's committed for the change then with a heartbeat I recommend Tez.”
-Askar Imran Syed Khani
"Over 18 months off gym due to knee injuries, then falling back into bad habits, no motivation and making up poor excuses to not get back in shape, I just had enough and couldn't keep going down this path so I decided to reach out to Tez.

Tez has helped me out in all the areas I was lacking confidence and knowledge. From calorie counting, macros, which exercises to do and on what days, throwing cardio in and accountability has made all the difference.

It has been a rewarding 12 weeks. Dropping a massive 13.2kgs of fat and 6.5 inches off my waist I'm just feeling amazing and being able to fit in my old clothes, going to the beach and socialising again is awesome.

I'd absolutely one hundred percent recommend Tez and his coaching techniques and in fact I have to everyone that has commented on the new and improved version of me”
-Marc Bishop

Watch How I Helped Aaron Lose 11Kg Of Fat In 7 Weeks and Feel More Energetic, Even As a 46 Year Old Business Owner With a Slow Metabolism:

Watch How I Helped Kenta Lose 8Kg Of Body Fat, Get Six Pack Abs and Become A Good Role Model For His Boys, Even At The Age Of 47:

Watch How I Helped Aditya Lose 11.2Kg's & 8 Inches Of Belly Fat In 10 Weeks, Even With A Weekly Cheat Day:

Watch How I Helped Alex Lose 8.5Kg's And 3.5 Inches Of Belly Fat In 12 Weeks, Even As A Busy Regional Manager:

Watch How I Helped Sandro Go From 30% Body Fat Down To A Lean 10.5% Body Fat, Even At The Age Of 47:

(If I Can Do It, You Can Do It Too...)

I'm Tez Krastev and I was just like you...

I was that 'Skinny-Fat' guy BUT I dreamed to take my physique to the next level, so I can finally feel confident in my own skin...

I was tired of feeling ashamed of my body at the beach and at festivals...

I was fed up of not having the balls to ask girls out (my highschool crush went out with another guy...)

I hated my belly fat and not ever seeing lean and sculpted body I always dreamed of...

Which motivated me to finally transform my body once and for all!

I used to get teased and bullied about my body shape regularly... I was tired of being made fun of...

So I started playing soccer daily, which helped me lose the weight... but I could never lose my stubborn belly fat.

I was doing 100's of crunches and push ups daily... but my belly fat only got bigger! I was frustrated and confused...

I felt that my metabolism was working against me... I thought my genetics were limited. But I wasn't going to give up...

After 100's of hours of research, trial and error I finally discovered that fat loss is actually 80% diet and only 20% training...

So I started reducing my carb intake and focused on eating the right foods - calories & macros (protein, carbs and fat amounts) for my body...

And doing these quick and easy 30 minute HIIT workouts in my home...

All while staying consistent and disciplined every week.

Every week I would catch up with my friends and have a  cheat meal (burger & chips) while still getting results.

This routine was sustainable for me and I actually enjoyed the meals that I was having.

I couldn't believe the results I started getting for the first time in my life...

I finally started seeing my body getting leaner day by day!


I went from feeling fat and out of shape to finally achieving my first six pack abs & lean sculpted muscle, I always dreamed about!

-I felt so excited to see my results in the mirror every day...

-The new confidence in how I felt and looked...

-The new motivation and energy levels...

-The compliments rolling in daily...

It felt Amazing!

Feeling like the best version of myself and being admired for once felt like a Dream Come True!

Which inspired me to become a fitness coach and help other busy professional men to achieve the same amazing results.

Over the last 7 years since starting Fitez Natural Coaching... I've helped 100's of busy professional men to transform their body and confidence and I'm 100% confident that I can do the same for you!

In fact most of my clients that came to me were busy professional men (age 30-50) who didn't have ETERNITY to spend in the gym and didn't want to just eat chicken and broccoli...

Which is WHY my approach is a more flexible and sustainable way to body transformation, without dedicating your whole life to fitness.
Tez Krastev - Fitez Natural
Body Transformation Specialist
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  • Sydney, Australia
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Tez Krastev - Fitez Natural
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