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July 11, 2017

Gaining lean muscle and burning fat is all about smart lifting! Over the years I've built a solid amount of natural muscle and have stayed injury free all because I've kept smart and avoided ego lifting..

Meaning I've always lifted using great form with controlled movements to achieve these gains. Now it can seriously mess up with your mind when you're lifting lighter, to ensure you're using the right form, but it can pay off big for you in the end, when you start feeling:

1. A...

April 15, 2017

Are you looking to find the best diet and workout program to help you lose weight? There are 8 key features that you need to have in your weight loss program to help you achieve your goals faster, stay on track and feel amazing!

You've probably tried the endless diets, supplements, fat burners, gym workouts, shakes and what not... to help you finally lose the kg of weight and inches of that stubborn belly fat... But nothing seems to work right?

You are not alone, because countles...

April 5, 2017

Are you looking to reduce your belly fat, but haven't got any gym equipment? Do you need some easy exercises to get you started? Here are my top 3 exercises that you can do, without any equipment needed, to help you reduce your stubborn belly fat.

Reducing your belly fat, might seem like one of those impossible things to do.... It's the last one to go, but the first one to get packed on... Annoying right?

We are not all blessed with amazing genetics and if you're like me, my bel...

February 7, 2017

This belly fat burning workout, will focus on getting you a great chest and triceps pump, while speeding up your metabolism through an intense 10 minute sprints finisher. Get a massive muscle pump and a super high heart rate and burn your annoying belly fat today!

Belly fat can be so annoying to get rid of right? Especially that 'lower belly fat', that is the first to get put on and the last one to go...

I've stressed over this way too many times, but once you learn how to corre...

January 30, 2017

Do you find your cardio routine is not getting you the weight loss you want?  Are you leaving the gym, not sweating much and not feeling like you had a great workout?

Worry not, because the cardio method I'm going to share with you is my all time favorite way of losing weight and burning stubborn belly fat fast! In fact this is the exact method I used to achieve my first sight of my six pack abs, roughly 8 years ago now.

What is HIIT anyway? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval...

January 18, 2017

Train your weakest body parts twice per week and you might just make them that tiny bit bigger! 

My delts have always been a lagging body part and after consistently hitting them 2X per week they are starting to develop, even though I'm on a cutting diet... I try to hit them from every single angle possible and pause at the top of most isolation movements, such as side raises, for a good 2-3 seconds to really engage my delts and feel that deep burn. 

I believe delts in particular...

November 24, 2016

Are you working at an office job or a rather sedentary job, where you're sitting down for the most part of your day? Do you feel that your fat loss has really slowed down to a crawl, even though you're training hard at the gym?

I feel you, because ever since I switched to a more sedentary job, being an online coach... My fat loss has really slowed down, from what it used to be. Previously I worked at a more active job, where I would walk up and down for at least 4 hours per day....

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