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February 2, 2017

It's the worst feeling, when your weight loss stalls for no reason, even though you're training hard at the gym and eating well. Find out these 5 simple reasons why you're not losing weight.

Consistently losing weight can be a frustrating experience...

Why is that?

Because some weeks you might drop 1-2kg and then after week 4 into your training, your weight loss just stops... For No Reason!

Has that happened to you? It's certainly happened to me before...

Imagine going to the gym 4...

January 30, 2017

Do you find your cardio routine is not getting you the weight loss you want?  Are you leaving the gym, not sweating much and not feeling like you had a great workout?

Worry not, because the cardio method I'm going to share with you is my all time favorite way of losing weight and burning stubborn belly fat fast! In fact this is the exact method I used to achieve my first sight of my six pack abs, roughly 8 years ago now.

What is HIIT anyway? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval...

January 27, 2017

Do you want to know how much protein you should really be eating as a busy office worker, to speed up your weight loss results?

Chances are that you're not consuming enough protein in your diet, doing too much cardio at the gym and burning off most of your muscle mass. This leads to a slower metabolism and can quite literally destroy your results. 

Combine that with your already slow metabolism from sitting down for the most part of your day at the office and that's a perfect re...

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